Monday, November 8, 2010


October was sweet, November, err I mean Movember is sweeter. Here's some photos from the last couple of weeks.
 Old lady and The Getty.
 Joel and Rosanna came down. We went to The Getty. They rule.
 Traffic free 405!
 Cameron. One hell of a guy.
 Ol' Crazy Legs Johnsen.
 Boston taxi cab. Spell check not included.
Day 8- Dirt Stashe. Donate to the cause here,

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Motorcycle for sale.

I'm selling the trusty Nighthawk to fund the purchase of an old airhead BMW.
I recently road around the US and didn't have a single problem with this bike (except for a new chain, battery and tire).
It runs great and is super comfortable to ride. The tach and speedo both work, as well as all the warning lights. I am selling it to buy an old BMW, but I wouldn't hesitate to take this bike back to New York tomorrow, it's smooth, fast, and stable. Hop on and go.
Mileage is 47,935. Current California registration until March 2011. Title in my name.

Here's what has been done/put on the bike.
- New sparkplugs.
- Oil and filter change.
- New battery.
- D.I.D. Gold X-Ring chain.
-Rear tire has about 1,500 miles on it and is a Michelen Pilot Activ.
-Front is brand new today and is a Bridgestone Battleaxe.
- Hard to find centerstand, makes oil and tire changes a breeze.
-Hondaline engine guards with folding highway pegs.

The pipes have some rust and the rear right turn signal is a little droopy.

I also have a set of Cortech saddle bags I will include, if you don't chisel the price of the bike down too much.

You know you want it!!!


Thursday, November 4, 2010


I shaved my face on the first and mildly regretted it when I went to Boston the next day for work.  I shaved so I can start growing a fresh moustache to raise money for male cancers, specifically nut and prostate cancer. Think of it as a walk-a-thon for cancer, but instead of walking I'm growing a moustache.
Follow this link and donate if you can, it might save your ass one day (if you're a dude).
I found this photo I took exactly one year ago on my computer and took one today.

Side by side, one year later.