Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ben Klevay//Portraits of Friends//Set 1

My friend Jennifer and I started this project to showcase our friend's talents. The idea came about as a way to compile all of their talents and interests (mopeds, cars, etc..) into one place and show them off. A website is being built and will profile each person, stay tuned for that.
These are the portraits of each person. Every couple of days I will showcase another person, in no particular order.
First up is Ben Klevay. He's an awesome designer and an ever more awesome dude. His drawings are stellar and his laugh is contagious.


  1. Great this means tons of blogs to make me bummed about missing my friends. :/

    Sick stuff dude.

  2. Don't be sad bud! See you tomorrow DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Awesome idea nik and Jen. And damn ben is good looking under all the beard. And let me at to the praise of ben. He is a brilliant welcoming guy to strangers.

  4. Brian and his pinto, it's only fitting to shoot him with the thing. He's so damn proud of it.