Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chicago to Cincinnati.

Days 19-21
311 miles.

I woke up and it was pissing rain, it was hot outside and it felt like a shower. I knew my emergency rain suit would get destroyed in about 5 seconds, so I went down to REI and bought a quality rain suit. I packed my bags, put on my rain suit and loaded up the bike. Luck must be on my side because as soon as my rain suit was on it stopped raining, oh I found a parking ticket on my seat. Shit.
I made it out of Chicago and into Indiana. I jammed across the state and only stopped to eat and fuel up. It's another flat, windy and boring state. As soon as I crossed into Ohio I saw trees and hills again.
I met up at TBS's garage space that's in the basement of an old ice cream factory. It's awesome. That's where I am leaving my bike while I go to Buenos Aires for 5 days, for work. I stayed at Erin's house. She showed me around Cincinnati. It reminds me of San Francisco, just a lot older. There are lots of really cool buildings and steep hills. I went to the museum and saw an amazing Robert Frank exhibit, basically his entire career, except his Depression era stuff he became famous for.
See you in a week Cincinnati.


Waffle House.



Green and white.





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