Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Around Tennessee and North Carolina.

Day 4.
241 miles.

Woke up to the fog this morning and running 150 yards to the bathroom so I wouldn't mess myself.
I unloaded all my bags and we headed to Maggie Valley to check out the Wheels Through Time museum. We took the Skyway there and blasted the shit out of that road. It was great getting to ride with Keith and Tom, they take really good lines and damn good riders. It was awesome going up the mountain hearing those old British twins rumbling with straight pipes. I love the sound and smell of old bikes. The air was crisp, but not too bad. On the other side of the Skyway we stopped at Thunder Mountain gas station, used the bathroom and talked to the mom and daughter that run the place.
I noticed that my tire was starting to get really bald. I knew I needed a new one soon, but I wasn't expecting it this soon. At least the roads are twisty and I finally get to use the sides of the tire.
We made it to Maggie Valley, but the museum was closed. I guess we should've looked it up. Oh well, the roads were awesome. We ate and headed back.
We hit the Skyway as the sun was setting. It was amazing. When we got back I checked my tire again and the core of the tire was starting to show. Damn. I'll head to a shop tomorrow in Chattanooga and buy a new one.

Bug Report:
0- Again today was too cold, the bugs were nowhere to be found.

Cherohala Motorcycle Resort.

Hunting hounds.

Keith and his Triumph.

Tom's Triumph.

Up on the Skyway.


Get wild.

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