Monday, October 11, 2010

Gallup to Los Angeles.

Day 9 (last day)
675 miles

Last day.  It's finally coming to an end.  It's kinda crazy to think that two and a half months have gone by.  I felt excited and sad for this trip to come to an end.
I woke up early and got on the road.  The sun was just barely up and it was about 40 degrees out.  After riding for half an hour I couldn't feel my finger tips, I pressed on and finally stopped for breakfast after 100 miles.  There was snow on the mountains near Flagstaff, but by the time I got there the sun had been up for a few hours and it was a comfortable temperature.
I got down into the desert and I was close to 90 degrees.  I had to shed all the layers off quickly.  I found an old, abandoned truck stop and stopped and took some photos.  I was in haul ass mode and got back onto to my bike.
I made it to Victorville by 4:00pm and was gonna meet some friends that were racing mopeds out there.  They were packing up and driving out as I was coming it.  I surprised them and then got back on the the Interstate.  100 miles to go.  We stopped at Mike's house in Rancho Cucamonga and jumped in the pool, it felt great to get out of the hot leathers.
I rode into LA as the sun was coming down.  It was an unusually warm evening with one of the most awesome sunsets I've seen in a long time.  It felt like the day I left in August.
It feels good to be home.

Bug Report:
5- Today was really weak. I'm guessing the cold in the morning and then the desert kept most of the bugs away.  Kind of a bummer way to end.

Budget Inn. Gallup, NM.



Inside Ted's Truck Stop.

Outside Ted's Truck Stop.

Ted's Garage.

No Trespassing.

Ted's lightswitch.


Colorado River.

California. Two thumbs up!

Mojave Desert.


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