Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Deal's Gap and the Cherohala Skyway.

Day 5.
157 miles.

Keith let me borrow his sweet van so I could go get my tire in Chattanooga. I was back by 1 and they both waited for me and helped me mount the tire to the wheel. We got the bike back together and I was ready to slay The Dragon.
We had a nice ride to Deal's Gap and it gave me plenty of time to scuff up the new tire. Deal's Gap, aka Tail of the Dragon is an 11 mile road with 318 turns on it. The bike is basically in a state of falling over for the 11 miles with very few times of standing straight up. The road is gnarly and it scared the shit out of me on my first run, but it was so fun that I ran it downhill and then back up once more. Most of the turns my boot or pegs were scraping and it was an awesome feeling.
We headed down the road and stopped by Thunder Mountain gas station and Tina had some homemade cookies for us. Tom and I then proceeded to race up the Skyway, more like Tom on my tail teasing me to go faster.
It's crazy to think how much of a better rider have become in the three days I've been on these roads. They are so fun and smooth. I could stay here for weeks and just ride.
We all went for out for BBQ in town and I learned what a strange place Tellico Plains is, dancing is outlawed! This is the real Footloose!! We went back and proceeded to drink moonshine that was given to us by a very nice person. It smells like paint thinner and makes your whole mouth burn and go numb, it's a blast. We polished it almost all the off and by the end of the night I puked all over Buck's patio, sorry.

Bug Report:
6- Nothing crazy, still a bit cold. There's anise yellow one by my top vent though.


Turn 256 or something.

The motorcycle gods have spoken.

More forest.

Tree of Shame.

My gift to the tree.

Teaching the young bucks a thing or two.

Western North Carolina moonshine. For the road.

Skid marks ok.

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  1. I do burnouts in the bathroom after Taco Night.