Saturday, October 9, 2010

Oklahoma City to Gallup.

Day 8.
702 miles.

I just beat my personal record for most miles in one day, 702! I was on the road for about 14 hours. I feel a lot better today than I did at the end of yesterday. It's funny how your body works.
Oklahoma and Texas are pretty boring, there are a few neat things along the road, but not much. The roads are pretty smooth, except in Oklahoma City. The speed limit is high and the roads are straight. I saw lots of roadkill.
New Mexico is pretty rad, I want to co e back and explore it more. I stopped a few times along old Route 66 and found an old church and service station. There are lots of abandoned buildings along the 40. It's sad to think that people invested their time and money to these places and now they sit rotting in the desert. I have a feeling the mega truck stops were part of the reason these places are now abandoned.
Once the sun goes down the truckers all get a lead foot. It's insane how many are on the road, especially on a Saturday night. I guess they don't have to got through inspection.
I pussed out and got a hotel room tonight, again. I was gonna camp in the National Forest near Gallup, but the thought of having to unpack, setup, take down, and repack sounded awful. I still have about 650 miles to go and I just want to get back to LA and see Ann and all my friends. See you tomorrow night dudes!

Bug Report:
7- I'm pretty disappointed. I thought I'd be covered, maybe it was because it was so windy. Oh well.



Britten, TX.

The Big Texan.

New Mexico.

Route 66 gas.

Route 66.

Route 66.


Abandoned church, outside.

Abandoned church, inside.


Rest Area, New Mexico.

Switch at Front door.

Thank you. Come again.

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  1. Nice. I shot that same car last year

  2. Ha. That's awesome, that was such a weird, little place. Thanks for checking out my blog. You have great work.

  3. Thanks man, your work is awesome. Gonna hit you up if I ever get the balls to get a bike!

  4. Do it, it's not scary (usually). It'll change your life.