Friday, October 8, 2010

Memphis to Oklahoma City.

Day 7.
518 miles.

I woke up and rode south of Memphis to Graceland. They wanted $15 to park and another $30 to do the basic tour of the mansion. Instead of paying I parked out front and took some photos.
I got on the road and just started going west. There's a lot of semi traffic on the 40, so at least I got to have some excitement dodging them. My body is really starting to shut down. Months of sleeping in my tent and on couches, along with riding day on end is really starting to have an effect on me. I can't ride for more than hour without my ass or legs starting to fall asleep or cramp. I usually can go 2 hours before it sets in.
I'm trying to get back to LA as safely and quickly as possible, I'm hoping to be back Sunday night. That means I'll have to ride about 650 miles each day for the next two days. I got a hotel room again tonight so I could rest well. Wish me luck.

Bug Report:
8- pretty awesome bug day, but not as good as yesterday.

Not Graceland.

Walls of Graceland.

Shelby! Luv's Elvis.




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