Monday, October 4, 2010

Blue Ridge Parkway to Tellico Plains.

Day 3.
357 miles.

It didn't rain last night and my North Face sleeping bag kept me super warm, so warm that I stayed in it long after I woke up. The air was too co.d to deal with. I finally packed up and headed towards the restaurant that's on the BRP. I ordered the pancake platter, a buckwheat pancake, a sweet potato pancake, and a cornmeal pancake. I really only liked the sweet potato one.
I cruised along the Parkway at a fairly leisurely pace. The speed limit is only 45 mph, so I tried to observe it, sort of. The leaves have started to change color and it's really pretty up there.
I saw on the map a town called Little Switzerland and figured there would be some good German food there, perfect for a chilly day. To my dismay the closest thing to German food they served in the town was the sauerkraut on my Reuben sandwich. Oh well.
I got off the Parkway at Asheville and headed towards Tellico Plains. I got to the Cherohala Skyway just at sunset. It's 51 miles of the smoothest pavement and fast sweepers. I saw 3 cars in 40 miles. Needless to say I blasted the shit out of that road, averaging about 65-70mph on the 35mph road. It's too fun not to.
I made it the the Cherohala Motorcycle Resort after dark and freezing my ass off. Buck and Alex run the place and fired up a pizza for me while I set up my camp. I went back to the main building and met Keith and Tom, both from Wisconsin, who brought their Triumphs down to ride the roads here. They invited me to ride with them tomorrow and convinced me to stay an extra day. We stayed up late talking about motorcycles, trips, and smashing beers. Today was a good day.

Bug Report:
0- Too damn cold, the bugs stayed at home today.

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