Sunday, October 3, 2010

Richmond to Blue Ridge Parkway.

Day 2
291 miles.

I went to breakfast with Pat and then boogied on out of Richmond. I was hoping to stay for a full day, but I have to be back in LA for a shoot. I cruised on 360 and saw some really beautiful countryside and old farms.
Today was a bit chilly and by the afternoon I could see the clouds were getting dark as I near the Blue Ridge Parkway. Sure enough it started to rain, not too hard, but enough for me to put my rain gloves and jacket on.
I made it to the BRP and started cruising down towards North Carolina. I runs almost the length of both North Carolina and Virginia, I hoped on near the bottom of Virginia. It's extremely beautiful on the road, with lots of lookout points along the way. I stopped by the Ranger Station and there were people playing mountain music. I got info on the campground and headed towards it.
I stopped for dinner and bought some firewood, the lady selling me the wood was really concerned about me and told me to come back by 7:30 if it was too cold and she'd take care of me. I thanked her and told her I'd be fine, she said I reminded her of her son.
I don't really like staying in campgrounds, but I knew wouldn't be able to have a fire if I stayed anywhere else and it's cold and windy tonight. I set up and built a fire and burned all my wood. I'm hoping it doesn't rain overnight.

Bug Report:
7- lots of little guys, nothing too wild.

Pats mom's car.

Model Tobacco.

Corner church.


Blue Ridge Parkway.

North Carolina.

Riding dubs.


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