Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Jersey to Richmond.

Day 1 (return to LA)
464 miles.

I was planning on staying on the East Coast until November, mainly because I had a bunch of travel jobs lined up and I wouldn't be able to ride back until then. They got postponed so I took the opportunity to ride now instead of mid November.
I left Tom's place in Jersey a day behind schedule because of a hurricane that was coming up. It was chilly and I had to dodge the shitty New Jersey drivers down the Turnpike.
I traveled down into Delaware and into Maryland, I was hoping To find some crab cakes, but so such luck. Maybe on the other side of Chesapeake Bay. There's not much going on the eastern side. I dropped into Virginia and was greeted with a large Dixieland sign, letting me know I had reached the South. Funny thing is, when you mention to people in Virginia anything about the South and Virginia, they tell you the South begins in North Carolina. Weird, but true.
I rode across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnels. It is 20 miles long, with two tunnels to allow ships to pass through. It is considered one of the 7 great engineering feats of modern times. It was pretty damn cool, lots of dead seagulls on the road though.
From Norfolk I rode up to Richmond to hang out with the Hells Satans. Pat. Showed me around town and we bounced around to a few bars and had a good ol' time. I crashed at Pat's and slept like a baby.

Bug Report:
8- Today was a good bug day. A few big splatters and lots of little guys.


All that matters.



Old cans.

Road to nowhere.



Chesapeake Bay.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge.


Tunnel vision.

Above the tunnel.

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