Friday, August 27, 2010

The Badlands to Sioux Falls.

Day 13
322 miles.

Trust your gut. I had nice, dead battery waiting for me when I woke up. I tried to bump start it, but it was a gravel road, so the back tire just skid. A couple from Belgium that were on their way to Burning Man gave me jump start. I was planning on taking Highway 44, but with this battery issue I was nervous about taking such a desolate road, so I opted for I-90.
I-90 sucks. It's the flattest, straightest, and windiest road I've been on. The wind was about 40mph from the south and I was heading directly east. I had to lean into the wind just to go straight. Passing the semi trucks was the worst. The turbulence coming off the back was insane and as soon as you get next to the trailer the wind is relatively calm. You pick up a ton of speed because of the lack of resistance and then shoot past the cab and into the blowing wind again. It feels like you're going to blow off the road. It's similar to shooting out off a barrel in the ocean, just not fun. I was getting really frazzled, tired, and sore. My gas mileage was also extremely affected, I normally get around 45mpg, with the wind I was getting 26-27mpg!
I got into Sioux Falls and met up with Brandon from the Buffalo Boys. We took a look at my battery and realized all the water and acid had totally evaporated in the heat. I bought a new battery and Brandon showed me around Sioux Falls. I saw the Falls, the slaughterhouse/pig stockyards, downtown, and Wal-Mart. That night we went out to a bar that has a karaoke contest and Brandon is in the running to win. I sang my usuals; Summer of '69 by Bryan Adams, War Pigs by Sabbath, Man I Feel Like a Women by Shania Twain, Believe by Cher, and Everybody by BSB (he didn't have I Want it That Way). It was a good night for a really shitty day.
I also reached the 3,000 mile mark of my trip today!!!

Bug Report:
7.5- even though it was windy I was still able to catch some tasty ones.


Buffalo by my campsite.

The Sioux Falls Falls.



New battery!


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