Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Missoula to Yellowstone.

Day 9
368 miles.

I got up early again and was on the road by 7:30. It was chilly, around 50, but I knew today was gonna be great.
I took the 93 and it hugged a quiet river through a beautiful canyon. Perfect roads, nice mellow sweeping turns and a speed limit of 70. I was in heaven. The roads all the way to Yellowstone were like this, hardly a car in sight and the occasional RV. In the distance I could see fresh snow on the mountain peaks, in the valleys it was crisp.
I was planning on camping in the National Forest outside of Yellowstone, so I stopped by the ranger station in Ennis to get their suggestions on primitive camp sites (the free ones). She pointed them out to me, but warned that their were lots of Grizzlies in the area and they had been extra aggressive this year. I thanked her and went straight to the sporting goods store to by a can of bear mace. The closer I got to Yellowstone the more it dawned on me that camping alone in bear country was probably not the smartest thing to do, so I opted for one of the campgrounds in the Park. Turns out, they have bear problems there too. At least they could eat other campers too. I made dinner and went to bed early, but not before seeing two huge elk eating grass in the meadow next to my site.

Bug Report:
8- Oh wow!!!! I caught a lot today. Big ol' honkin' mosquitos and lots of horse flies. Nice splatters. Best bug report to date. Take a look!!!!

Along Highway 93.

Continental Divide. It's all downhill from here.

Conovers, Wisdom, MT

Larry's Automotive, Wisdom, MT

Big sky country.

Fresh snow.

Earthquake Lake.




New purchases for the day: tortillas, bear mace, turkey, pepper jack cheese, annual park pass, banana, two tall cans. I already own the chocolate and Leatherman.


Soda or pop in these parts.




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  1. wow! that looks really amazing. I'm glad you didn't get hurt by your own chain.