Thursday, August 5, 2010

Brookings to Hebo.

Day 5
266 miles- getting 45 mpg!!!!!!!!

Mickey and I left Brookings in the morning and rode up to Gold Beach where we split off, Mickey had to head back to Tahoe. It was awesome riding and hanging out with him for the last 4 days. The Oregon coast was foggy and cold the entire day and by this time I was really starting to get sick of the weather, plus most of the road is one or two hills behind the coast. When you do get to see the coast it's pretty amazing. By this point I'm really wanting to get off the coast, but I push on because I really wanna see the Goonies rock in Astoria. I entire Tilamook County and the sun is actually shining. I speak to the Forest Ranger and he tells me about a free campground 4 miles up the road. It ends up being a perfect spot, right on the river, no one there, just perfect. I set up camp, build a fire with some wood that was left, and plan out my route for the next day. A great end to the day.

Bug Report:
4- lots of little bugs, mainly mosquitos.

Brookings Harbor.

Oregon coast. Rugged.

Oregon trees.

Hebo Cafe (it's closed)


My campground.

Towards the campground.

View from my site.

Table decorations.

My camp. Pretty perfect.

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