Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cody to Bearlodge Mountains.

Day 11
348 miles.

I got a bit of a late start this morning, but I was fine with that, I was well rested and feeling much better. I headed east towards Greybull and then south towards Ten Sleep.
I went up Ten Sleep Canyon and it was amazing. There were different types of rock as I gained altitude and there were signs posted letting you know how old they were. We're talking millions of years. I made it to the top of Powder River Pass, it's at 9,666', almost treeline. It's probably the highest elevation I will hit on this trip. When you walk around you can really feel the lack of oxygen, but my trusty Nighthawk chugged along great, it barely missed the lack of air. Coming down the pass I could really start to feel the heat and I knew that I have a lot of that in store for me.
I got onto I-90 at Buffalo and I was pretty bummed to be on the Interstate, straight, boring, and as fast as you can go to make it end. I was planning on going to The Badlands and camping, but I saw signs for Devils Tower and made up my mind to go there. It was pretty awesome, not much around and it just shoots straight up a couple hundred feet. I thought about camping there, but it cost $12 and I knew the National Forest was only about 20 miles away. I turned up County Rd 204 and followed a dirt road, it forked and I went to the right. I found a perfect spot overlooking a small creek, I'll use that $12 to buy an awesome breakfast tomorrow. I set my tent up without the rainfly and got to look at the stars and sunrise.

Bug Report:
9- today was pretty epic on the bug meter. Lots of juicy ones right from the beginning, with lots of different color splatter. I even got a lady bug, hey good luck!!!

The planes.

The Plains.


Ten Sleep Canyon.

Ten Sleep Canyon.

Powder River Pass.

Snow barricades.

It was close.


Hay rolls and Devils Tower.

Devils Tower.

Creek by my camp site.

Camp site.

Keep away from the critters.

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