Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gualala to Shelter Cove.

Day 3
156.5 miles
No traffic today and some amazing roads, south of Mendocino was freshly paved and smooth as butter. We stopped near a beach in Mendocino and met a guy named Richard Lowman. He makes custom wooden boats and they're beyond beautiful. His craftsmanship is unreal, it takes him about 100 hours to complete each boat and has a waiting list of 6 years. We ventured on and hit a little mountain pass north of Rockport to Leggett that was such a fun road, I could stay there for days and just go up down that 15 mile section of road. We went and saw the drive though tree and went on to Shelter Cove for the evening.

Bug Report:
0 to 1- it's been so foggy and windy that there haven't been any bugs reallly and when it gets foggy I end up wiping them off because of the condensation. So I don't have any to report, it's really a bummer and I'm sorry.

Richard Lowman. Master boat builder.

Drive thru tree.

Shelter Cove.

Room 1.

My bike. Honda Nighthawk. Zoooooooooooooooom!

Mickey's bike. Kawasaki ZX14. Vroooooooooooooom!!

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