Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shelter Cove to Brookings.

Day 4
210 miles
Left the foggy Shelter Cove and took the twisty and hilly 25 mile back towards Garberville to get back on the 101. Ate breakfast and watched a guy on an overloaded cruiser tip it over on himself. I went to help him, but some lady had already got to him. Felt bad, that's a serious ego crusher. Rode through the "Avenue of the Giants" and I felt like I was on Endor on a speeder bike, it was amazing. Spent the rest of the day on the 101 going through mountains and by the coast.

Bug Report:
1- still foggy and bug less.

Road out of Shelter Cove.

Humboldt County phone.

Avenue of the Giants.

Green Valley Motel.

Mystical Forest and Paul Bunyan.

Phone booth.

1 state down!!!

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