Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sioux Falls to Milwaukee.

Day 14 and 15
584 miles.

I really hate riding on the Interstates. I checked out a map and saw that there was a highway that went through Iowa and directly into Milwaukee. I was hoping that by taking that route it would be less windy, less cars and semis, and a little less stressful.
2 hours go by and I still haven't gone 100 miles. It's just as windy, instead of semis there are old people in town cars and huge farm equipment that keep trying to run me off the road, and it smells like pig shit every 5 miles. I make an executive decision to get the hell out of Iowa and deal with I-90. I'm cruising down the road doing about 75 and pass a sheriff, he immediately turns around and pulls me over. I try to explain my situation, I'm hungry, tired, and just went 150 miles out of my way and only gained about 70 east. He doesn't buy it and tells me he clocked me at 79 in 55 zone. Shit, thought it was a 65 zone. I know there's no way of getting out of this one, but I ask anyway, he reduces it to 70. The ticket is for $173. I continue on and not even a quarter mile down the road is the Minnesota state border! Fuck, I should have made a run to it, ha. This day is getting worse and worse.
I finally get on I-90. It's not as bad as the day before and it's a lot nicer scenery. Lots of corn and silos.
I made it to Milwaukee in about 12 hours, with my detour through Iowa. I met up with The Cranks and went out that night with them. I won some money playing dice and slept in Dez's garage.
I decided to rest a day and hang out in Milwaukee. Dez showed me around the city and I changed the oil on my bike. Just a nice relaxing day after 2 gnarly days.

Bug Report:
10- definitely the most I've gotten. Colorful and juicy. Wahoooooooo!!!!!

Iowa. I wish you liked me.

2 minutes before my ticket.

Minnesota. 2 minutes after my ticket.


Mile 485.8



Phone from car.

Breakfast in Milwaukee.

The Bronze Fonz. Milwaukee.

Lake Michigan, Milwaukee, WI.

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