Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Spokane to Missoula.

Day 8

199 miles +40 in the tow truck.

I made burnt eggs with cheese and tortillas for breakfast. I was the only one to eat them. The motto for breakfast was, "bad food, bad coffee, good friends", sure beats the other way around. I made Joel and Rosanna follow me to the Idaho border so we could take a picture in front of the sign, that made me really happy. We said goodbye and I was off on my own again. It started raining as soon as I got into Idaho. I-90 was fun though the mountains, but I couldn't get too rad 'cause the roads were wet. I finally got ahead of the rain and was cruising at about 90mph when I heard a clink followed by my engine revving like crazy and no more acceleration. I coasted to an offramp with a huge lump in my stomach. My trip was over, my trusty Nighthawk was trusty no more. I sat there for a minute in disbelief, I thought to myself, "way to go dipshit, you're fucked now". I finally got off the bike and started looking at the engine and transmission for stuff sticking out, it looked good. I went to the left side and noticed a key element was missing, the chain. How it didn't wrap around the wheel and kill me I have no idea, but I was safe and this was an easy fix. I put a new chain on before I left, but used a master link instead of riveting the chain on. I checked the chain periodically for the master link and tension and it was good, well I learned a valuable lesson, master links sucks.
The tow truck driver was a nice guy named Dan. We traded stories in the truck during the 40 mile ride to Missoula, he was a helicopter pilot at 13, had a pet macaw, rebuilt his first motorcycle, a Harley Sportster, when he was 11, and did a bunch of other stuff. The Honda dealership we were supposed to go was closed, so we checked out Harley and sure enough they had the chain I needed. Got it on and I was off.
Now where to sleep for the night? I was planning on making it close to Yellowstone and camping, but it was already 6. Thankfully I utilized a great resource, Facebook, and was able to stay at my friend Chase's friend, Melanie's friend Nicole. She fed me tacos and let me sleep in her guest bed. She was super nice and takes awesome photos. It was a good way to end a really shitty day.

Bug Report:
None for today, it was raining.

It started out good.

Bullshit spot for the sign.

Shit happens...

Then you get towed.

Hang in there buddy.

Nicole's house in Missoula.

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