Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Yellowstone to Cody.

Day 10
234 miles.

I woke up to see the sun just starting to peak over the trees in the meadow. As soon as the sun hit the grass it started to sparkle like a diamond. It dropped to about 28 overnight and there was frost on everything. I saw the elk off in the distance eating the frozen grass. I packed up and started out to explore Yellowstone.
First stop was the Norris Geyser Basin. It was pretty unreal to see. I felt like I was walking through some prehistoric land and at any moment I'd bump into a T-rex. I continued north and got pulled over as I entered Mammoth Hot Springs. I hadn't seen the speed change from 45 to 25. The Ranger was really cool and happy that I had all my paperwork in my jacket and not buried in my bags. He let me off with a warning and I got some tips on things to see.
I continued on stopping here and there to look and take photos. I got stuck in traffic for nearly an hour because buffalo were walking down the road. It's kinda scary having to pass a massive male buffalo on a motorcycle. He didn't charge me. I cruised along the lake and towards Old Faithful. Lake Yellowstone is massive and reminded me a lot of Tahoe, just without any houses. I made it to Old Faithful just in time to see it erupt, it was a circus there, but I'm glad I saw it.
From Old Faithful I backtracked my way along the lake and out of the park towards the East Entrance. Another buffalo in the road, just not as much traffic. Going up Sylvan Pass was amazing there was a fire there, I think in '88 and all the trees are still standing, but are all bone white. It felt like I was riding through an army of skeletons.
Once out of the Park the scenery changes quite quickly from lush green forests to barren red rock mesas. I made it into Cody, WY and decided to get a hotel for the night. I'm starting to feel sick and could use a proper nights sleep, plus I hadn't showered for 5 days. Onto the Badlands for Wednesday.

Update: forgot to put this in, but Yellowstone would be perfect for mopeds. Speed limit is 45 max anywhere in the Park. Just have a semi quiet pipe and all your paperwork.

Bug Report:
6.5- I didn't pick up many in the Park, but I caught quite a few mosquitos and little flies along the river towards Cody.

Morning frost.



A phone booth.

Roaring Mountain.



Tourists and buffalo.

Old Faithful.

Really excited about Old Faithful.

End of her run.

God Squad.

Traffic delays.


Skeleton forest.

Wacky house outside Cody, WY.

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  1. great job blogging the trip. looking forward to more updates.