Friday, August 6, 2010

Hebo to Seattle.

Day 6
315 miles.

Woke up super early today, make some oatmeal and packed up. It was really foggy again and cold, I was constantly wiping my face shield off. I got stuck behind a dump truck that was filled with dirt and it kept blowing out. I ended up a muddy mess by the time I was to pass, ha. I was really looking forward to seeing the Goonies rock, but ended up missing it because it was super foggy. By the time I got to Astoria and realized it I didn't want to go back, I just wanted to get to Seattle and feel some sun. I went up the Columbia River and it was a super fun road and the weather was almost immediately better in Washington. Took I-5 to Tacoma and spent the afternoon with one of my oldest friends, Hillary. We went to preschool all the way through high school together, we even went to prom. It was awesome seeing her city. Left the Aroma of Tacoma and headed up to Seattle to Joel and Rosanna's. I was greeted with a hugs and a freshly cooked chicken and carrots from their garden. This is where I'll be leaving my bike and gear while I'm in Denmark for the next two weeks.

Bug Report:
1- if there were any, they got wiped off in the fog.

Astoria Bridge.

2nd state down!

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