Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Seattle to Spokane.

Day 7 (after 12 day detour to Denmark)

328 miles.

Bug Report:
7- today was a nice little bug day, I'm getting excited for the big ones in the midwest.

I convinced Joel and Rosanna to come to Spokane with me and camp there. After that easy convincing I took my windscreen off, it drove me crazy. At low speeds it would shoot the air all over the place and make me feel like a bobble head doll. High speeds were even worse, so I ditched it.
We got a nice early start and I froze my ass off going over Stevens Pass, it was worth it though, it was so pretty and the road was fun. We ate lunch in a touristy little German town called Leavenworth. I always wonder who's idea it is to convert towns into theme towns, smart person. Got down on the plains and the first thing I could think of was, shit this already. It wasn't too boring and I saw some interesting stuff. We made it to Riverside State Park and got a campspot. The name of the park should have been my first warning, this was full of some Grade A chemical white trash, anyway we made the best of it. Hell we even found a rare and endangered Headless Whitetail Deer, not one has ever been seen alive, kinda like a giant squid. I felt lucky.



Eastern Washington.

On the plains.

The ever elusive, Headless Whitetail.

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