Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 17- Nakusp to Whidbey Island

510 miles.

We stayed until about 10am talking with all of our new friends. I was really bummed we couldn't stay for the weekend. It's an awesome rally, put on on by super nice people, and I will be back next year. Alberta may hate us, but BC loves us.
We made a wrong turn leaving Nakusp and went about 29 miles out of the way, whoops. We got back on track and headed towards Grand Forks to cross back into America. The roads there are amazing, super twisty, fast and scenery that will blow your mind. We got to the border by about 2pm and got onto Highway 20.
20 is another super fun, fast, backcountry highway. We made it to the eastern side of the Northern Cascades in the late afternoon and the road just got even better, I couldn't believe it.
The 20 took us straight into Whidbey Island right as the sun was disappearing. We went over Deception Pass and blasted through the Island to the southern end to meet Joel and Rossana. We made it to the beach house by about 10:15. We were pooped.
I didn't take many photos today, mainly because I wasn't in the mood and the riding was so epic.


Washington. USA!!!!!
Bug Report.
I slayed them. Adios suckers.

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