Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 25- Sacramento to Los Angeles.

390 miles.

End of the road.

Today was our last day. We left the Motel 6 early, there were beer cans strewn about from last nights parties. We loaded up and Rudi noticed that someone had stolen his left sidecover, the broken one, with the shitty Cartoon Network sticker. What dicks.
We took the 99 all the way back because the 5 is awful and we didn't have enough time to do Highway 49. It was pretty uneventful and kind of solemn, our epic journey was coming to an end. We grabbed lunch in Traver and split off shortly after, I cried a little bit and wished we could do this forever.
The rest of the ride was lonely and hot. I stopped for an iced beverage at the always packed Starbucks at the bottom of the Grapevine and continued my last leg.
I hit reserve coming down the Grapevine, but I didn't want to stop for gas. I have a 2 gallon reserve and wasn't worried, I had 80 miles to go. As I got into LA I could feel the cooler air, I also felt my bike dying. I ran out of gas! Luckily I was near the Hollywood Bowl, so I coasted into its driveway and used my spare 2 liters of fuel that I had carried on my entire trip. 5 more miles and I was home.

End of the road.

No photos today.

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