Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 5- Mesa Verde NP

51 miles.

Today was a chill day. Erik, Julie and Julie's family took off in the morning. So Rudi, Jessica and I cruised around the park and went into some of the cave dwellings. It's pretty amazing what the people who lived there 1000 years ago did.
In a parking lot I saw a huge, fully loaded BMW R1200GS with Alaska plates. Started talking to the guy and he's been on the road since last year and is traveling all around the Americas. His name is Brian Stanfill and he has a blog called He was on his way to check out the cave dwellings, but we invited him to stay at our site.
The rest of the day was spent napping, taking a shower, updating my blog, and getting to know Brian. It was an excellent day.

Bug Report.
Weak day for the bugs. Sorry.

Spruce Tree House.

Spruce Tree House. 95% original.

Rudi in Balcony House.

The crew.

Inside a Kiva.

Balcony House.

Cliff Palace.


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