Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 7- Angel of Shavano Falls to Grand Lake

222 miles.

We packed up first thing and headed out on the road. Stopped for coffee and a bite to eat in Buena Vista and then continued through the mountains. We went through Leadville and Climax, which has the world's largest molybdenum mine, it also sits at 11,360'.
We stopped in Winter Park to ride the alpine slide. We used to go there as kids and it was still super fun. We continued into Grand Lake and stopped at the Post Office. Rudi had a pair of shocks sent to him from his shop in Santa Barbara because his were toast.
We went into the Park and got a spot at Timber Creek. It's a pretty shitty campground to be honest. It's just a big flat open space with no trees and the sites are super close to each other. We set up and rode into town and do laundry. We used to come here every summer until we were 14, our grandmother lived here and our great grandparents were pioneers in the town. Our great grandfather had a store that supplied the miners and was the postmaster. It is also the headwaters to the Colorado River, I bet all my pee as a kid has finally reached LA. Drink up. Not much had changed since the last time I was there.
We rode back to our campsite. I installed Rudi's shocks and he made dinner. We crashed out by 10.

Some alpine lake.

Moon dude.


Berthoud Pass.

Alpine slide.

Rudi, scared.

More alpine slide.


Think of this when you drink tap water in LA.


Bug Report.
We hit a lot early in the morning, especially in the meadow outside of Leadville. Nothing to crazy though.

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