Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 24- Tahoe to Sacramento

240 miles.

Zach and I left Tahoe in the morning and headed along Donner Lake and up old Highway 40. Such a fun rode that I finally got to ride a motorcycle on. We rode together to Grass Valley and then split off, I was heading to Chico to hang out with Chris Canterbury from Eurotech and Zach was heading to the Landsquids moped rally, I'd meet up there later that night.
I found some super fun backroads from Grass Valley to Oroville, they were super steep and twisty, it was like being on a roller coaster. When I got to Chico I saw my first In N Out since leaving on my trip, I had to smash a cheeseburger.
I rolled up to Eurotech and met Chris. I changed into some street clothes and we headed down the street to the Sierra Nevada Brewery. It was awesome there and I got to try some beers that never make it into stores outside of Chico. His wife Rebecca and daughter Emi showed up as well. We headed over to his shop and got to see some of the great stuff he's working on when he's not at Eurotech, custom Beemer stuff
We sat around and shot the shit for awhile, but eventually I had to leave and head to Sacramento to rage with my friends.
I suited up and said farewell, I know I'll be seeing the Canterbury family many more times in the future, they're awesome.
I met up with everyone at the bar in Sacramento around 10pm, it was great to see my gang, The Latebirds and so many other familiar and friendly faces. I went to my hotel, unloaded, and headed back to the bar. Ann and Ben arrived at the hotel around 2am from LA, so we continued the party into the wee hours.

 Top of Highway 40. Donner Lake.
Mini bike side hack.
 I believe this is an Airhead frame, Oilhead engine and drivetrain, and a K front end. Frankenbike!
 Chris' sweet ride.
 Boxer Metals
Chris and his Bug. Get low

Bug Report
Pretty solid day of bugs. I picked up a lot of friends going from Chico to Sacramento.

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