Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 21- Portland to Crater Lake.

315 miles.

We met up with Zach an hour late, 'cause we're bad with time management. He's gonna join us for the next couple of days and then we're going to the moped rally in Sacramento.
We left and headed into the mountains to ride some fun roads. They were some great, fast river roads, my favorite. Near Bend, in some mountain pass I was passing some cars and had one left until I was in the front of the pack and passed him in a double yellow. There was an unmarked cop car behind me. Needless to say I got us pulled over and I got a ticket. Shit.
We made it into Bend and had to stop at a shop to get Zach a new clutch lever because he likes to drop his bike in parking lots. From there we headed to Crater Lake. We got there in the late afternoon, checked out the lake and headed to their campground. The campground was pretty shitty, expensive and full of chemical white trash, so we opted to find a spot in National Forest land.
We found an epic spot of the first fire road. It was perfect. We built an epic fire that made us sweat and Rudi made dinner. We sat around the fire and drank some beers and ate candy.


Crater Lake.

A man with a sense of humor.

Epic camp spot. Some fire road south of Crater Lake.

Bug Report.
I forgot to take a photo. It was an average bug day. Nothing special.

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